…and good to have you here! If you are looking for first-hand travel tips, inspiration or a shortcut to planning your next trip, you have come to the right place!

For me the next journey usually starts with imagining it in my head, researching first information and getting an idea about the culture and customs. The actual experience might be somewhat different, but that is totally fine. And it is from my point of view the beauty of traveling. Or how Martin Buber puts it:

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.”
(Martin Buber)

And these are the travel moments I cherish. To experience the unexpected, to grow with every new challenge traveling brings along. Or just to enjoy the unexplicable beauty our earth has to offer. You name it.


Individual Travel & Lifestyle Blog

So what are the main topics you find on Travel Zentric?


Tips for self-organized Travel

I love to travel individually; i.e. to organize a trip myself and have the freedom to choose what I want to do and when I want to do it. Although I enjoy the occasional organized tour, I clearly prefer self-organization. If you are looking for ideas for specific destinations about how to organize it individually, you will find lots of hints in my different articles. If anything is still open, just comment under the corresponding article so that me or someone else can share their tips and thoughts about your question.


In order to have the freedom to fully enjoy a new destination, I am collecting information during my travels or afterwards. This includes information about costs, accommodation, transport and more that will help you to get some orientation beforehand and to get a rough idea about the budget needed for different destinations worldwide. I always look for great value for money.

Impressions & Inspiration

Next to all the practical information, I want to give you some impressions about the people and landscape of the different countries and regions. This could be for example in the form of photos or videos so that you get a first idea if this might be an interesting destination for you. Or simply just to enjoy it and get inspired.


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  • If planning a trip individually still scares you a little or you find too many excuses not to travel, you may want to start out by reading this article.
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