Prague castle top 10 highlights

Prague – Top 10 Highlights Of This Bustling City

Let me introduce you to Bianca who blogs on My Wild Earth and brought her Prague Top 10 Highlights. She visited Prague in the summer. I have so far been once in Prague – in November – and must say that Prague is worth a visit all year round. Most of Biancas tips can be done in the winter as well, although it can get pretty cold in the capital of the Czech Republic. But now let’s have a look at Biancas Top 10 highlights of Prague:

Prague is one of the most architecturally beautiful cities in Europe and certainly one of the most well preserved cities in Europe. It is known as the “city of a thousand spires” because of the dramatic views of old, historically-rich churches and towers that decorate the city’s gothic skyline. Prague boasts an architectural mix of many rich styles, including Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance, and Art Noveau.

The city has maintained its identity of years gone by, yet it’s a modern city with all the comforts and conveniences we have come to expect when traveling. If you need to recover from jet lag and spend a day acclimatizing in your hotel room, you are guaranteed to start the new day refreshed. Pragues incredible transport system has been designed to deliver you to areas of interest quickly and easily. Getting around is super affordable and makes exploring the city a dream.

It is no surprise that every year, Prague hosts about four million tourists from around the world. Here is a list of my top 10 locations to visit while visiting Prague in Summer.

1. Prague Castle

Prague castle top 10
One of my ultimate places to visit is Prague Castle. You will be blown away by the shear size of the structure and can explore the grounds and towers for hours. It is located in Prague’s Hradčany neighborhood and is the true jewel of Prague’s gothic architecture. It started as a walled, wooden fortress in the 9th century. However, by the 14th century, it had expanded to include a fully-built castle with a royal palace, and the firm foundations of the St. Vitus Cathedral. The cathedral alone is reason enough to visit.

Surrounded by the castle walls, St. Vitus Cathedral, St. George’s Basilica, the Powder Tower, and the Old Royal Palace are visitors most favorite attractions. Distinguished kings and rulers of old are buried beneath the castle.

Bohemia’s kings found their home behind the gorgeous, gothic-decorated walls. Today, it is the official residence of the president of the Czech Republic and one of the most breathtaking tourist attractions.


2. Walking Alongside or Paddling the Vltava River

Prague Prag Vlatava top 10 highlights

The Vltava river runs through the heart of Prague and is the ideal setting for a romantic walk, while taking in views of Prague Castle in the distance, Charles Bridge, and an endless supply of magnificent buildings. The vibe of the city is tangible. Regardless if you find a park bench to enjoy a beer, feed the ducks or chat with friends, the relaxed atmosphere of the river is contagious.

The paddle boat ride allows you to see the city’s ancient buildings and the modern Dancing House from a completely different angle. At sunset, the river reflects the burning skies, delivering a completely unique and mesmerizing experience.


3. Charles Bridge

Prague Prag charles bridge top 10 highlights

The never empty Charles Bridge is 600 years old. It replaced the Judith Bridge, which was destroyed after the floods in 1342. Thirty Baroque-style statues overlook the city and give it a dominating appearance over the Vltava river.

The bridge is also home so several performing artists which make it a lively destination where you can enjoy the performance of musicians and even pick up a few souvenirs.


4. Petrin Park and the House of Mirrors

Prague Prag Petrin top 10 highlights

Petrin Park offers up plenty activities for young and old. For those looking for a mini workout, there are trails that run up the hill between large trees and beautiful forests. This makes for exceptional hiking and running trail. For those who are looking for a more sedate experience, the funicular can take you to the top and pack for a minimal cost.

There is a miniature replica of the Eiffel Tower located at the top of the Hill, which offers one of the most beautiful views of Prague and the surrounding gardens. Another great attraction is the House of Mirrors and the Mirror Maze, which make for some fun pics and will have kids entertained for hours.


5. Vysehrad Castle

Prague prag vysehrad top 10

Vysehrad Castle is located above the Vltava River and offers an enchanting, elevated view of the city. It originates from the 10th century and is mentioned in many Czech myths and stories as it was the royal residence. The graves of many noble and famous Czech people are kept on the grounds.
Vysehrad is an ideal place to explore and escape the noise of the city and relax on the lawns with a picnic.


6. The Lennon Wall

Prague Prag Lennon Wall Top 10

The Lennon Wall was erected 1980 after the tragical death of John Lennon. The citizens of Prague chose to decorate the wall in the original Beatles style in order to pay him tribute.

It is located near Charles Bridge where it hosts numerous paintings, slogans and lyrics. Any and all are welcome to add a personal message to the wall. This adds to its beauty and keeps it ever changing.

7. The Astronomical Clock in the Old Town Square

Prague Prag Clock Top 10

The Old Town Square is a historic highlight in the center of Prague. Every hour, the impressive clock on the Centre of the square, opens to unveil the 12 Apostles, followed by several figures representing Greed and Vanity.

It’s impressive to watch this ancient piece of engineering coming to life on the hour with all its unique and vivid detail. Make sure to take your camera to capture the moment. It complements the historic beauty of the Old Town Square with its dark and mystic Gothic architecture. If time allows, visit the Tyn Church and the Old Town Hall.

8. Dancing House

Prague Prag Dancing House Top 10

The Dancing House is a contribution to the modern art to the Prague’s architecture. Built near the end of the 20th century and designed by Frank Gehry, it features two adjacent towers which represent two dancing figures. It is actually home to a gallery and a fancy restaurant on the top floor, but as one of the most iconic structures in Prague, make sure to snap a picture for your album.

9. Prachov Rocks – Bohemian Paradise

Prague Prag Boho Top 10
Although not located in Prague, this gem of the Czech republic has made the list as it is a short hour away from the city and is an absolute must see. It offers the views of breathtakingly dramatic views of forest and sandstone rocks. Take an opportunity to hike through the Plakanek valley and relax in the peaceful surroundings. There are several lookout points where you can break for lunch and take some unforgettable pictures.

10. Cesky Krumlov

Prague Prag Cesky Top 10

The last stop on the list is 3 hours South of Prague, but if you have the time, it’s the best way to get an authentic feel of Old Czech Tradition. Cesky Krumlov is a quaint medieval city, located in the South of the Bohemian region and is a UNESCO-protected heritage site. Spend the day exploring the amazing alleys and street and discover the story behind this medieval jewel.

The Cesky Krumlov castle offers great views over the city and its nature surrounds. If you are a fan of water sports, don’t miss an opportunity to go rafting on the river that circles the town. The town is littered with busy eateries which offer a great variety of local Czech cuisine.


About the Author:

Bianca is South African born and documents her experiences, tips and love for a fun filled life on her website My Wild Earth . She loves visiting new places and sharing her experiences. Her trips explore the highlights of the city and surrounds, as well as the details in between that makes a place truly unique and unforgettable.

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